Playlist Nightflight 8/9.Juni 2012

azari & iii – into the night – troxler, mesomenos & jaw mix (loose lips)
saint etienne – i´ve got your music – golden filter mix (universal)
ladyhawke – sunday drive – villa mix (modular)
whitey – people (bad life)

pollyn – sometimes you just know (music!)
little boots – headphones – ronika mix (679)
digitalism – silenz (k7)
zinc – goin in – boy 8-bit mix (rinse)
lana del rey – national anthem – todd terry inhouse dub (polydor)
maribou state – the look (southern fried)
sleepyhead – nothing changes (embassy)
guido w/ jay wilcox – flow (state of joy)
widows – live like lions (earnest endeavours)
the insomniax – daydreaming (earnest endeavours)
bobby womack – stupid (xl)
dj shadow – dreams of a piece (reconstruction)
akua naru – tales of (wo)men (jakarta)

deniz kurtel & the marcy all-stars w/ tanner ross & pillowtalk – i knew this would be happen (wolf+lamb)
black strobe – boogie in zero – hot toddy mix (blackstrobe)
amine edge & dance – going to heaven with goodie-goodies (2diy4)
andre crom & dennis degenhardt – tell me – david august mix (freerange)
hauschka – radar – michael mayer mix (fatcat)
nico stojan & david keno – princess of the night – acid pauli mix (ursl)
the kdms – circles – soft rocks mix (gomma)
pyrenees – driving away (pyrenees)

vindahl w/ jenny wilson – the question – alex barck mix (tokyo dawn)
tanner ross – straight to the moon (double standard)
the rapture – in the grace of your love – poolside mix (dfa)
pacific horizons – beaches of the black sea (pacific wizard foundation)
quiet village – remixed with love by maxxi & zeus (pyramid of mars)

Luger E-Go – A Trader In Furs (Quiet Village Remix)
Mark E & Dragon – Good Times (Quiet Village Remix)
Toby Tobias – Dave’s Sex Bits (Quiet Village Remix)
Grandad Bob – Pictures (Quiet Village Remix)

deco child – s & g (ninja tune)
kastle – stay forever (symbols)
maribou state w/ pedestrian – rush don´t run (southern fried)
pariah – rift (r&s)
girl unit – ensemble – club mix (night slugs)
kahn – angeles – superisk mix (soul motive)
belleruche – stormbird – vc mix (tru thoughts)
unforscene w/ cecilia stalin – dark souls – alex barck mix (sonar kollektiv)
lovelock – maybe tonight – morgan geist mix (internasjonal)
kate bush – running up that hill – heavey disco edit (modern artefacts)

lana del rey – national anthem – afterlife mix (polydor)
bobby womack – the bravest man in the universe (xl)
jai paul – jasmine (demo) (xl)
sebastien tellier – my poseidon (record makers)
chromatics – lady (italians do it better)
major lazer w/ amber – get free (mad decent)