Saturday Nightflight 24/25.Juli 1999

men from the nile – watch them come – jazzanova mix (undaground therapy)
the all seeing i – disco pussy (earth)
kieser & velten – session 77 (g-stone)
ndea davenport – on -fred everything mix (white)
rahzel & slick rick – destination (mca)
busta rhymes – do the bus a bus – remix (elektra)
quannum mcs – concentration (mo wax)
dynamic syncopation – ground zero (ninja tune)
dj vadim – viagra (ninja tune)
mhz – absotively posolutely (fondle em)
gang starr – all 4 tha cash (noo trybe)
dr dre w/ eminem – showdown (interscope)
the madd rapper – you´re all alone – instrumental (columbia)
jigmastas – keep on rockin – rae & christian mix (fat city)
dr dooom – leave me alone – moe luv mix (copasetik)
the last emperor – charlie (hi-rise)
phife dawg – thought u wuz nice (groove attack)
mary j blige – sincerity (mca)
terranova – turn around – kutmasta kurt mix (k7)
dj spinna – a grooveamungus (rawkus)
dj format – extra lesson (bomb)
dj bombjack – the brothers grim sideshow (apeman)
dj craze – tekmasta anthem (bomb)
dj bombjack – english lesson (bomb)
dj craze – happy thoughts (bomb)
dj bombjack – from the depths of the soul (apeman)
dj trax – define funk ? (lacerba)
hefner – pumkin rum – remix (inertia)
omni trio – sound system (moving shadow)
chateau flight – camping jazz (ssr)
victor davis – brother (flip side)
santessa – just when i needed you – joe claussell dub (disco volante)
uriel – the cougar (beau monde)
paul hunter – reflection (guidance)
avdc & jazzanova – off limit beat (sonar kollektiv)
mj cole – waiting for the day – vocal dub (talkin loud)
precious – say it again – master stepz mix (emi)
rhythm n blues – so beautiful (inventive)
peshay – pacific (blue)
k-scope – different places (cookin)
sc-clone – everywhere i go – remix (metalheadz)
breakbeat era – rancid (xl)
optical – dark skies – remix (metro)
bad company – the pulse (prototype)
aquasky – taurus (moving shadow)
omni trio – beyond the fundamental – big bud mix (moving shadow)
king britt w/ ursula rucker – circies – jazzanova mix (guidance)
oneness of juju – river luv rite (strut)
paul hunter – peaceful morning (guidance)
terry callier – when my lady danced (talkin loud)
peace orchestra – meister petz (g-stone)

Saturday Nightflight 3/4.Juli 1999

art of noise w/ rakim – metaforce (ztt)
advertising the invisible – advertising the invisible (marble bar)
maw w/ india – to be in love – full intention dub (defected)
leftfield – phat planet – version 1 (hard hands)
mr gone – just listen to the record – roc´s dub (internal bass)
cath coffey – walk with me (virgin)
epmd – intro (def jam)
puff daddy – p.e.2000 (bad boy)
rahzel – make the music (mca)
spax & mb1000 – diskomehl (white)
lone catalysts – due process (buds)
aim w/ ag – true to hip hop (grand central)
epmd – draw (def jam)
epmd – u got shot (def jam)
ran reed – the introduction (white)
q-tip – vivrant thing (def jam)
rahzel w/ slick rick – destination (mca)
dj noize – pulp cuts & violence (rita)
quannum vs j5 – concentration (mo wax)
terranova w/ rasco – midnight melodic (k7)
nt – positive-ism – bep mix (epic)
missy elliott – beat biters (east west)
james hardway – grow – justice mix (recordings of substance)
peshay – solar systems (white)
peshay – pacific (blue)
dj trax – define funk? (lacerba)
raw deal – the trouble with trouble (talkin loud)
grooverider – wheres jack the ripper – tipper mix (higher ground)
orange krush – zat (botchit & scarper)
van delta – distant (groove attack)
aquasky – showtime (moving shadow)
sacrosanct – hypnotized – london elektricity mix (chocolate boy)
peshay & photek – p vs p (blue)
decoder & substance – curvature (audio couture)
sci-clone – everywhere i go – remix (metalheadz)
terry callier – when my lady danced (talkin loud)
boozoo bajou – under me sensi (stereo deluxe)
francisco aguabella – dajomy blue – catalyst mix (ubiquity)
miles davis – black satin – dj krush mix (columbia)
dj luck & mc neat – a little bit of luck (red rose)
hobson choice vol 1 – hobson dub (white)
lisa – stepping (white)
caramel – girlfriend (white
eric benet – georgy porgy – spreadlove mix (wea)
mj cole – sanctuary (talkin loud)
groove armada – serve chilled (zomba)
theo parrish – overyohead (sound ssignature)
mogwai – chocky (chemikal underground)
amalgamation of soundz – urban ddiscoid activity (filter)
cath coffey – walk with me (virgin)
cousin grizzly – dear jimmy (sawtooth)
4 hero – starchasers – version excursions (talkin loud)
alex gopher – the child (v2)