Playlist “Schöner Wohnen” 31. Januar 2023

public enemy – don’t believe the hype – rhythm scholar mix (white)
rhyme so w/ sophie ellis-bextor – deep in vogue (a.s.a.b.)
aus – until then (all my thoughts)
crooked man – love & resistance (vicious charm)
heron – under pressure (o*rs)
umme block – wet surface (munich warehouse)
der assistent – signale (papercup)
keinemusik w/ ali love – confusion – majid jordan mix (keinemusik)
ryuichi sakamoto – 20220304 (milan/sony)
björk w/ shygirl – ovule – sega bodega mix (one little independent)
new order – the perfect kiss – writing session recording (warner)
chicks on speed – uploading the human (unicat)
justice w/ uffie – the party (demo) (ed banger)
dvno – equilibrium pt 1 + 2 (burbs live your fears everyday)
zdbt w/ supercoolwicked – oxford green (specials worldwide)
paul chin – hype industrial complex (the nautilus foundation)
la dame w/ goldie b – watcha gonna do (yuku)
dreamer isioma – fuck tha world (awal)
nacht 84 – all lights down (nacht 84)
drumskull – muscle memory – lone mix (hooversound)
jonbjörn – we’re not alone (lagaffe tales)
yazmin lacey – late night people (own your own)
say lou lou – waiting for a boy (cosmos)
mr tophat – you are (twilight enterprise)

“schöner wohnen” januar 2023 spotify playlist

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