Playlist Nightflight 17/18.August 2012

almunia – pulsar (claremont 56)
metronomy – hypnose (late night tales)
electric youth – the best thing (watts arcade)
kollektiv turmstrasse – ordinary (musik gewinnt freunde)

peaches – free pussy riot (peaches)
lee curtiss – haters (visionquest)
tim deluxe – surya – club mix (get human)
boys noize – xtc (boysnoize)
phil kieran w/ burglar tom & bush teras – snakes crawl – east village mix (phil kieran)
drake w/ lil wayne – the motto – ap edit (white)
fink – bright lights – g&k edit (white)
ry & frank wiedemann – howling (innervisions)
sugardaddy – how long – tensnake mix (late night tales)

footprintz – dangers of the mouth (visionquest)
chrome canyon – generation (stones throw)
homeboy sandman – not really (stones throw)
genesis the greykid – a thought (greykids everywhere)
ma doom (masta ace & mf doom) – me & my gang (fat beats)
kong neptune – weed avenue (volta cab)
det & ari – butt you (editainment)
the noodleman – sloppy angel (kolour ltd)
al kent – open up your mind (kojak giant sound)
adjagas – mun ja mun – instrumental (ever)
dibidim – by the river (regal)

daniel solar – august 2012 mix

Soley – Pretty Face
Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Hannes Fischer Nightflight Remix)
Fred Everything & Giom – Luv Lust (Fred Everything Version)
Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe – Seventh
Marlow & Comixx & Knixx – This is it
Niko Schwind – We are the Future
Tom Glass – You Said (Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe Remix)
The Bianca Story – Dancing People Are Never Wrong (Jan Blomqvist Remix)
Mano le Tough – Take It Back
Justin Martin – Don’t Go (DJ Version)

walter ego – shadows (symbols)
gang colours – fill me in (brownswood)
robot koch x rain dog – never will (project mooncircle)
the insomniax – atonement (earnest endeavours)
unforscene w/ cecilia stalin – dark souls (sonar kollektiv)
mervielle & crosson – at the seams (visionquest)
rjd2 – rain (bustown pride)
wax tailor w/ jennifer charles – heart stop – rjd2 mix (lab´oratoire)
noyland – kurzwelle (entbs)
sense & sotu the traveller w/ esperanzah – present (beats broke)
late nite tuff guy – wishing (get down edits)

chic – good times – kon´s nite time mix (giant step)
sure thing – holding you tight (gutterfunk)
astrid suryanto & stellos vassiloudis – walk away – slow hands mix (bedrock)
steed lord – hear me now – extended video mix (new crack city)
jessie ware – devotion (island)

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