“Sharing music with others is all I’ve wanted to do, as long as I can remember. Playing songs on the piano to my parents. Recording “Rapture” off the radio to memorize the rap portion for playground recitals; ditto “Jam On It.” Creating a master-mix for 7th grade music class. Trying to expose a school full of metal-heads to the genius of the Jungle Brothers and Ultra-Magnetic MCs. Driving around Davis, California in my friend’s mustang and borrowed house speakers blasting NWA and De La Soul to bemused passers-by; and later, with the same friend, Timothy McNealy and Carleen & the Groovers (not to mention Three 6 Mafia and David Banner). Whatever feels unappreciated or neglected, I want to shine the light to as many people as possible. There’s no better feeling than dropping the needle on “Come Clean” circa 1993 to a club that hasn’t heard it yet, or being the first to expose Neil Landstrumm to sleepy LA-based video game convention attendees (sorry, couldn’t resist!). It’s the look of surprise, then wheels turning, then eyes closed and smiling, while head and hands keep time. And if you can’t get with it, then…hey, there’s no accounting for taste. When music is good, it’s good, and no rock critic, know-nothing blogger or dead-ass crowd can tell me otherwise.”

dj hero – a message from dj shadow

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