“I’ve read that people are wondering if i quit music .. i DID. Basically, it’s well known that I don’t wanna be a part of the music industry … I’ve never planned on doing music, so everything that has been happening has been so amazing and i’m really greatfull but it’s really scary for me …

…I did a record in a studio, that had cost a lot of money .. and I didn’t liked it coz it sounded too much like a studio record and not enough like my garage band crap that i like more … and i had no money to remix it. I thought it was a sign that I shouldn’t put it out … not now .. maybe in 10, 20 years … but not now.

All I was doing when I was doing only music was being depressed, locked in my dark room and write sad song … this is not how life should be …!

Music is still the most precious thing I have.. the only amazing thing living in me… I didn’t wanted to ruin it by letting it out too early … spearding it out to the wild world… I’m still writing and all that .. and i miss playing gigs a lot … but i’m not ready at all to release an album .. at all!”



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