x der Guardian über “The death of Lil Peep: how the US prescription drug epidemic is changing hip-hop”. ps: der Artikel hat nebenbei in meinen privaten chats eine Diskussion darüber losgetreten, ob das musikalisch überhaupt (noch) Hip Hop ist

x Interview mit Andreas Demeter aka Kid Fresh aus der Lodown “Skin” Ausgabe: “Andreas Demeter: The Beauty And The Beast”. ergänzt indirekt den Lil Peep Guardian Artikel: “The lines between the different scenes … are blurring, as people have instant access to music/ fashion subculture online these days. There used to be all these codes, like, you can’t just walk into certain districts wearing certain clothes without getting called out and tested. Nowadays young folks see something online and imitate it because it looks cool or because it’s hyped, without necessarily knowing much about it, and without the need to identify with a certain particular scene. Same with music, people are way less hardline these days about certain niches and scenes they choose to identify themselves with.”

x sehr schönes Interview mit Hans Reuschl aka DJ Nomad aka Nomad aka (eine Hälfte von) Africaine 808: “Diggers Directory: DJ Nomad”. inklusive exklusivem 60 Minuten DJ-Mix

x Virtual DJ, jetzt wirklich virtual

whats next? Virtual einkaufen im Plattenladen, virtual clubbing??

x “Paris in the 1970s”, tolle schwarzweiß Fotos des amerikanischem Fotografen Dave Glass
3e Arrondissement, Paris

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